About Us

Direx an INITIA partner, a well known groundbreaker in the field of shockwave technology, marks nearly 30 years of high technology innovation during which we have offered advanced and unique therapeutic technologies in urology.  In 1986, it introduced the first mobile lithotripter which quickly became the standard for all other companies. In addition, Direx introduced devices with new and unique technologies in the field of radiotherapy and the field of radio frequency for treatment of prostatitis and bph.


Recently Direx entered a new field for treatment of erectile dysfunction with shockwave technology.  As this is now clinically proven to show highly successful results, Direx based its vast experience in the field of shockwave technology and introduced Renova.  Renova incorporates LSWT, a patented and unparalleled technology offering complete treatment coverage of the corpus and cavernosum. Direx is the only company on the market able to offer such a system resulting in a simple, easy and very short treatment protocol.  Treatment is quick, painless and anesthesia free.


To-date, thousands of its devices have been installed in over 70 countries worldwide. These units are supported by a group of professionals with extensive experience.  More details can be found at