Business Opportunities

Renova provides a substantial opportunity in the private medical treatment sector. Renova's unique LSWT technology has proven its effective clinical success  and is intended for very large numbers of potential patients.  Close to 50% of men over the age of 40, suffer from some degree of ED. Furthermore, as diabeties and vascular disease are continuously growing among the population, so is the percentage of vascular ED patients.

The treatment is anesthesia free and causes no pain, discomfort or side effects to the patient which is perfect for clinic or office-type facilities. Following the diagnosis by a physician, the four short treatment sessions can be performed by a trained medical support professional.

We welcome business collaborations with entities and professionals who see, as we do, the great potential of offering this unique and important treatment to millions of men worldwide.

Please contact us to further a discussion on joint marketing, operational or distribution opportunities.