Q. What is the objective of Renova treatment?
To improve limited erectile function related to reduced blood flow to relevant organs

Q. How does Renova improve erectile function?
By applying focused shockwaves to erectable "spongy" organ tissue

Q. What is the effect of focused shockwaves?
It has been demonstrated that focused shockwaves improve blood flow and erectile function

Q. What is unique about Renova focusing?
Shockwaves are simultaneously focused by Renova onto line segments along the organ spongy tissues

Q. What is the significance of line focusing?
A full coverage of the treated volume in a short time is obtained by matching the focused shockwaves to the shape of the "spongy" tissue.

Q. What is the treatment format?
4 weekly sessions of approximately 15 comfortable minutes each

Q. Is anesthesia required?

Q. Is one allowed to take medication during treatment?
Medication taken prior to treatment can generally be taken during treatment

Q. Who may benefit from the treatment?
People aiming to improve erectile function which is limited by reduced blood flow to relevant organs

Q. What is the regulatory status?
Currently, Renova is CE-cleared.

Q. How can I get more information?
By consulting your urologist or via the website contact form