Doctors Testimonials

* Dr. Morales (Malaga, Spain):
"I'm impressed with the outcomes of the LI-ESWT with the RENOVA device. 16 patients completed the treatment and have been evaluated at 1-month follow-up.
14 out of 16 have noticed a real benefit from the treatment, converting non-responders, insufficient responders and incomplete responders to PDE5is, to responders, and even to "no need PDE5is" patients. 87,5% (14/16) of the patients think the treatment works, therefore I'm confident when offering it."

* Dr. Murali (Madurai, India):
"I am amazed by the excellent results. All the patients have noticed early morning erections for the first time. The patients have noticed greater rigidity and more satisfied intercourse. Some are performing more than once with tablets. About 50% have tried without tablets and are able to do well"

*Dr. Varaneckas (Lithuania) reports on an 84 years old patient:
"Two months following treatment was better erections. He does not use PDE5-I."