Patient Testimonials

Here we have some spontaneous patients’ reports of the LI-ESWT treatment with the  RENOVA device.

Age: 56  Y.K.
Istanbul, Turkey

2 years ago, i noticed contraction on my penis, next i was having ED problems. In last one year i did not have morning erection. After having the treatment with Renova, my morning erection started. In 3-4 month i got a noticeable increase on my performance.

Age: 52  C.K.
Istanbul, Turkey

I am a diabetic and i have ED problem. I went to a doctor after my friend recommendation. Doctor offered me LSW ED treatment for a long term healing and i accepted. After the treatment nothing has changed up to 2 months. after 2 months and in the third months, i got much better feelings of my performance.”

RAR 65 years, diabetes, Hypertension, overweight.
Poor response to PDE5is.

“I’m really happy with the treatment. I can complete sexual intercourse with PDE5i. I wasn't, prior to LI-ESWT”


AGG 56 years, Hypertension.
Insufficient response to PDE5i.

I’m now able to get erections. Still unable to maintain, but I’m improving, I’ve noticed a GREAT change from the beginning. Very, very happy.


RVH 56 years, smoker, hypertension
Incomplete response to PDE5is

I’ve taken only 2.5 mgrs of tadalafil for the first intercourse, after the treatment; I’ve had three more without PDE5i. I have spontaneous and nocturnal erections, and feel the penis, heavier! Amazing, isn't it?


JMHH 56 years, no comorbidities
Incomplete response to PDE5is

After the first session, I’m able to have sex every day without PDE5i, with a fully rigid erection!!!